Your First Visit

Insurance Verification

Dr. Reed is a participating provider in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Traditional and PPO provider panels. Complete and return the attached form if you would like Dr. Reed to obtain verification of your benefits. If you have other insurance, you may wish to determine if Dr. Reed can be considered an out-of-network provider. If you have questions about this, please contact Dr. Reed. Please note that verification of insurance does not guarantee coverage, which is often based on the diagnosis and procedures provided. Great Minds of Michigan, PLLC is not responsible for denial or payment decisions made by your insurance company.


If you would like more information about the recommended type of an evaluation, or are not certain whether an evaluation is needed, you may schedule a consultation visit to review the patient or student's medical, mental health, and educational history and prior evaluation findings to determine options for addressing the presenting concerns and needs.

Consultation services with other medical, mental health, educational, and treating providers is also available.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation process can take from one to three visits, with testing sessions ranging from 2 to 6 hours. The first appointment involves meeting with the patient and discussing presenting concerns and focus of evaluation.  The second appointment involves direct testing of the patient.  This may take one or more sessions depending on scheduling and patient needs.  Approximately two weeks after the final testing session, a follow-up visit is scheduled to review findings, diagnoses, implications, and recommendations.  Older children are encouraged to attend the interpretation session and receive a developmentally appropriate explanation of the findings. An hour will be set aside for the follow-up appointment and a written report is provided at this time. Additional consultation, advocacy, follow-up, and treatment services are available.

Scheduling Appointments

It is recommended that child patients not be scheduled for testing when they may be missing important activities (e.g., school field trips or a day off school). It is recommended that the parent negotiate a reward for successful participation in the evaluation (e.g., outing with friends, special meal, new video game).

Prior to the visit

  1. Print, review and complete the required forms; and fax or mail to Dr. Reed. 
  2. Contact Dr. Reed to address any initial questions or concerns; and schedule an appointment. 
  3. Gather any screening or evaluation information previously conducted. This may include the most recent MEAP score report, educational evaluation or Psychological Evaluation report conducted by the school or other professionals.
  4. If your child received medical care relating to the reason for the visit, please arrange to have records sent to Dr. Reed, or bring them along to your first appointment.

Interview with Parent

Diagnostic evaluations include interview with the parent regarding a child patient. Due to the sensitive nature of information discussed at these interviews, it is advisable to have someone available to supervise the child patient while meeting with Dr. Reed.

Preparation of the Patient

Testing will take from 2 to 6 hours and requires effort on the part of the patient, which can produce anxiety or fatigue. It is for this reason that it is very important that patients obtain enough rest (as they would for a school or work day) and nourishment before the evaluation. Medications should also be administered as prescribed, unless otherwise agreed upon by Dr. Reed and the physician prescribing the medication. The patient may bring snacks or beverages and a favorite toy. Mobile phones and electronic games are prohibited during testing, but allowed during breaks. Every attempt is made to move at the patient's pace and produce a feeling of accomplishment during test procedures. Observers are strictly prohibited during testing sessions. You may inform the child patient that he or she will not be receiving any invasive physical examinations and that their visit will be more like activities they complete at school, but they will not be graded.


Payment is required at the time services are delivered unless other arrangements are made in advance. 

To make a payment, visit